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Have an idea? 

VISUALIZE exactly how your yard will look before we get to work. Gill's uses both 3-D and traditional blueprints to make sure your space is being used efficiently. Our design team is masterful at the proper spacing and color in outdoor architecture.

Our design team will come directly to your property to collaborate with you. Combine your ideas with our expertise as we work together to build your utopia. 

Proper planning saves you time and money. Our design software is moldable to your budget, so you know exactly what the project will cost before we work together.

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The living element of landscape design. Trees, flowers, ferns, grasses, gardens and more.

Water Features

The sound of water brings life and movement to your backyard. Streams, fountains, ponds and waterfalls.


The non-living element of landscape design. Driveways, pathways, patios and custom firepits.


Lighting solutions to showcase the beauty of your yard at night. All systems are custom timed for efficiency.

Outdoor Kitchens

Full functioning outdoor cooking areas will impress your guests and make your house the go-to on the block.


Irrigation and drainage systems protect your investment. Every plant needs water to survive.

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